Monday, 31 March 2014

Because we are differents

I have always kept the forms in my other websites and blogs. I never gave my opinion. I stayed neutral. Well, that is going to change.
We, people dedicated to international trade, are not too many. And we are a different kind of specie. We are the kind of people that knows how wonderful the world can be, how staggering the different countries and cultures are. We are fascinated by the stories that we've experienced and the people who we've met.
We work and live in an odd environment we call home. We are comfortable in chaos, we are flexible and we have always a small suitcase ready, just in case.
But, all that, is our blessing and our curse.
Look around, how many people can understand you? If you want to talk to someone about all that... how many people do you know? Who understand that feeling inside? You are surround by people that have not interest at all in other cultures, who have never travelled out of your country, they don't speak other languages and they don't even want to learn them. They ask you how is it possible that you like your current way of living, why do you have the need to go further or why you cannot get conformed.
If you are lucky and your partner works in the same field as you, she or he will understand, and you will support each other. But if not, I bet you pick up the phone and call a friend who also works in foreign trade.

I only have one purpose with this blog, is to share my opinion with those that are like me, not necessarily they need to share my point of view; but those who understand the, sometimes, loneliness of our profession.

And, if I get lucky, I hope they will share their stories with me too.

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